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What is Furdah?

    It is a platform that connects farmers, produce shops, and many other healthy food items with the buyers.

    Who can register with Furdah?

      2 types of users can register with us, Vendors and Customers.  The vendors that are invited to register are:

        1. Local Farms.
        2. Fruits and Vegetable Shops.
        3. Dairy and Eggs suppliers.
        4. Meat, Poultry, and Plant-based products suppliers.
        5. Bakeries
        6. Coffee Beans and Sweets suppliers.
        7. Honey and oils suppliers

        To register with us use this form.

        Can I order by whatsapp?

        Yes, You can order by WhatsApp , Send us WhatsApp on +965-41016800

        Why should I buy from Furdah?

        We help you buy directly from the source of the items we offer, and by this you get fresh products at the best prices possible.

        Do you deliver outside of kuwait?

        Unfortunately Not , At this time we deliver only inside kuwait

        What is payment method?

        We only accept online payments (Knet )

        If I am a farmer, why should I register with Furdah?

        By registering with Furdah you will be able to sell directly to your customers and gain more than what you earn when selling through middlemen.

        Use this form to register with us.

        How long does it take to deliver?

        Currently, we deliver after 24-48 hours from the order date, in the near future we will be able to deliver faster.

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